ASH CODE im Interview zum Owls’n’Bats Festival am 07.07.2018 am Hermannsdenkmal in Detmold

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AshCodelogoMit italienischem Cold Wave und Synth-Pop und ein paar Spritzern EBM, werden Claudia, Alessandro and Adriano alias Ash Code, am kommenden Samstag in Detmold beim Owls ’n‘ Bats Festival zu Gast sein. Die Band gründete sich 2014 in Neapel. Ihre Musik ist stark beeinflusst von Bands wie Depeche Mode und The Sisters of Mercy aus den frühen 80er-Jahren. Die  hypnotisierenden und teils melancholischen Klänge von Ash Code sind mittlerweile weit über italienischen und deutschen Grenzen geliebt und bekannt. Daher war es für die Veranstalter des diesjährigen Olws’n‘ Bats Festivals ein überfälliges MUSS, diese großartige Formation zum Festival Intermezzo, am Fuße des Hermanns, einzuladen. Zusammen mit Euch freuen wir uns sehr auf Ash Code.
Für euch haben wir das sympathische und aufstrebende Trio zum Interview gebeten.

Welcome Claudia, Alessandro and Adriano to the interview. Nice that you have found for us and our readers some time to answer a few questions!

How are you now? Unfortunately, much time has passed since our last interview in 2015.What a wonderful memory there are from the last few years you like to think back?
Alessandro: A lot of things happened… we released other 2 LPs, touring a lot in clubs and big festivals, last summer we played in South America too, it’s on the top of this list. There we met people full of passion and humanity that we’ll not forget.

2014 you had one phonogram published. First, the successful album Oblivion (2014) the second album Posthuman (2016). On 15.05.2018, was followed your third “prank” with Perspective. From this last album you have released your first single with the same name “Perspektive” with Luca Gillian.How did the cooperation come about? What brought you to induced a song produce in german language?
Claudia : We love the sound of the German language, it fixes very well with our music. It was a challenge. Personally I study philosophy and most of philosophers are german so I’m attracted by this culture indeed my favorite poet is Rainer Maria Rilke.
We met Luca some years ago in Naples with his band and we became friends, we asked him to sing in this song because we were sure his vocal style would have been perfect.

Where we can see you in 2018 live? Is there a special concert or festival to you looking forward at most? How important it is to be playing live for you?
Alessandro : To play live means a lot to us.In the last months we were very concentrated on the Wave Gotik Treffen. The anxiety to play in such a big and full crowded club has then turned into a great energy on stage, it was incredible.In these days we’re booking and confirming a lot of gigs in clubs/festivals. We’ll share the stage with a lot of great bands but currently we can’t say more.Please check our facebook page or official site if you wanna know more!

At 07.07.2018 you are a guest at the Owls n Bats Festival in Detmold under the historic “Hermann” Monument. Have you heard of this place before?
Claudia : To be honest we never heard about it but we have googled it and it’s wonderful !

Ash Code - Band (Pic by Francesca Parità)What expectations you have to come and play at this festival?
Alessandro : We talked with others bands from the previous years and everyone said it’s a great festival with a welcoming family atmosphere.We’ll be there to relax too

Did you ever played before with one of the other bands of the Owls’n’Bats Festival?
Adriano : Yes we did, we played last summer at Evil Festival with Skeletal Family. A great band we love.We can’t wait to listen to them once again live.

What can the Ash Code Fan in the future expect of you?
Alessandro: We’re working on a new video single, on a cover for a tribute compilation and on some remixes. We’ll tour as much as possible arriving in nations where we never played.Russian dates are confirmed but we’re working on Japan too.

We saw you in Bielefeld at Movie live with Lebanon Hanover 2015. We can offer and recommend our readers these three charming musican with their impressive and catchy music, not to be missed. We are very pleased to see you once again Live on the Owls`n` Bats Festival in Detmold! Thank you for your time.

The last words belong to you! Is there anything you want to tell your fans and those who wants to even be?

Adriano : Thank you for your love and passion, it means a lot to us…see you soon!

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