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Black Nail CabaretWir hatten die Möglichkeit mit Emese, von Black Nail Cabaret, ein kleines Interview bezüglich ihres bevorstehenden Konzertes beim Owls’n’Bats Festival in Detmold zu führen.
Was sie Euch und uns über ihr letztes Album Steril und ihre Zukunftspläne verraten hat erfahrt ihr hier.

We had the opportunity with Emese of Black Nail Cabaret to lead a small interview regarding their upcoming concert at Owls’n’Bats Festival in Detmold.
What did she tell you and us about their last album Steril and their future plans, learn it here.

Welcome to the interview. Nice that you have found for us and our readers some time to answer a few questions. How are you now?
Emese: we are doing great, thank you, busy working on our third album which is nearly finished, and we are looking forward to our shows at Owls’n’Bats Festival and in Budapest in July.

2015 you had two phonograms published. First, the successful album Harry Me Marry Me Bury Me Bite Me and in November the EP Steril, it was recorded in your mother tongue Hungarian. What brought you to induced an EP to produce in Hungarian?
Emese: There are feelings that are easier to talk about in Hungarian, and also I was curious whether I grew up to the challenge to write songs in Hungarian. I’ve been writing Hungarian poems ever since I was little, but writing lyrics is a lot different. It’s quite easy to sound pompous or high-flown. There are a few great songwriters whom I admire for their talent, but I’ve never been brave enough to do it. Until now.


Black Nail Cabaret im Muiskzentrum Hannover 2015

Where we can see you in 2016 live? Is there a special concert or festival to you looking forward at most?
Emese: We are going to preform at Owls’n’Bats Festival in July, which we are very excited about. Can’t wait to play in the woods! One week later we are going to do a show at A38 in Budapest, with a great Hungarian act Agavoid. We are not planning any further shows after this, as we are hoping to release the next album at the end of this year, for which we plan to do launch gigs in Hungary, Germany and in the UK.

How important it is to be playing live for you?
Emese: I think it’s very important for every band. Without live shows it’s like we don’t even exist. We like to meet our fans, friends, and new people, and I really hope that we can go on tour again with the new album. Touring proved to be an outstanding and somewhat psychedelic experience. I’d love to do it more often.

At 02.07.2016 you are a guest at the Owls n Bats Festival in Detmold under the historic “Hermann” Monument. Have you heard of this place before?
Emese: Actually no, this was absolutely new to us. I googled some pictures and it all seems to be amazing.

What expectations you have to come and play at this festival?
Emese: I don’t have anything spezial in mind, I just want to enjoy every second. This is going to be our very first summer festival with Black Nail Cabaret, not to mention that it has been a while since I last attended any festivals lately.

Did you ever played before with one of the other bands of the Owls’n’Bats Festival?
Emese: No, never.

What can the Black Nail Cabaret Fan 2016 expect of you? Perhaps sooner or later a new album?
Emese: well, as mentioned above.

We saw you in Hannover at Musikzentrum live with Solar Fake and Camouflage 2015. We can offer and recommend our readers these two charming ladies with their impressive and catchy music, not to be missed. We are very pleased to see you once again Live on the Owls`n` Bats Festival in Detmold!
Thank you for your time.

The last words belong to you! Is there anything you want to tell your fans and those who wants to even be?
Emese: Stay tuned, something pretty awesome is on the way!


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