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Saigon Blue Rain im Movie/Bielefeld 2015

Saigon Blue Rain aus Paris werden dieses Jahr am 02.07.2016 ebenfalls zu Gast auf dem Owls’n’Bats Festival in Detmold sein. Für uns ein wichtiger Grund, euch die sympathischen Franzosen etwas näher vorzustellen. Wir hatten Saigon Blue Rain letztes Jahr schon einmal in unsere Fundgrube. Allerdings hat sich in dieser Zeit einiges getan. Zum Beispiel werden sie ihr neustes Werk „Noire Psyché“ und damit viele eindringliche neue Stücke mit nach Detmold bringen. Erfahrt bei unserem Interview außerdem mehr über ihre bevorstehende Tour mit The Beauty of Gemina. Viel Vergnügen bei der kurzweiligen Lektüre.

Saigon Blue Rain from Paris will also be there on the Owls’n’Bats Festival in Detmold on 02/07/2016 this year. For us an important reason to introduce you to the sympathetic French musician. We already had Saigon Blue Rain last year in our Fundstück der Woche. However, a lot has happened in that time. For example, they will bring their latest work „Noire Psyché“ and so many haunting new pieces to Detmold. Learn at our interview also more about their upcoming tour with The Beauty of Gemina. We hope you enjoy entertaining reading.

Hello Ophelia and Franck from Saigon Blue Rain. Thank you for taking the time to answer a few questions about the upcoming tour and your last albumrelease.
So, we think that „Noire Psyche“ is a wonderful and very emotionally cd with soulful songs.

So,what do you feel when you hear your own songs? What are your thoughts in this moment?
Hello, we’re delighted to answer your questions, thank you ! As you know, we make everything in Saigon Blue Rain from composition to mixing phase, for Noire Psyché, this last step has been particularly long and laborious, that’s why it’s been a while we haven’t listened to our songs.
But when we’ve finally been satisfied of the result, we’ve had the feeling that we’ve managed to express the feelings we wanted to reveal.


Saigon Blue Rain im Haus Schatteneck 2015

What backrounds inspired you to write this emotional lyrics?
Ophelia : Inspirations are multiples, sometimes, I already have ideas that cross my mind, even before the phase of composition, coming from thoughts, feelings, books or movies and I tell myself that it could be a good subject of writing. But most of the time, we compose the music and the atmosphere which gets out of it inspires me some haunting images, colors, landscapes that I need to stick on the music. On Noire Psyché, we also composed Mori Chimearis which is the continuation of the track L’Offrande on What I don’t see. These two songs were part of a story that I wrote after a dream I made.

How were the reactions to the new album?
Well, we’ve just released it for 2 months so it’s a bit early to tell you but until now, we have had very positive feedbacks about it, people write us to congratulate, public is very receptive when we play our new songs on stage so we’re very glad about it.
We were very happy about the message that you are announced for the Owls´n´Bats Festival in July.
It is so great to see you back in Germany and on stage. It is a very great location.

Have you ever heard of the „Hermann-Monument“ and have you ever played with one of the other bands?
We are also very excited about it and we’d like to thank Zuzie and Matthias for this invitation and for the way they’ve believed in us whereas we were just a very small band that no one heard of. We’ve spent such a magical time when we played for the first time in Detmold last year, German public is simply fantastic, so it’s a real pleasure to be part of the Owls n‘ bats this year with bands we never played with yet and such an honour to share the stage with Clan Of Xymox in this beautiful place ! We only heard of the Hermann monument but never saw it, so much exciting things to come !

In the autumn you will tour with The Beauty Of Gemina. How did it happen? What do you expect


Saigon Blue Rain im Haus Schatteneck 2015

from the tour?
We’re really so glag about making this tour and expect a lot from it. We were brought to Michael Sele ears by Stephen Kennedy a wonderful english promoter who made us play in London last November. It seems that TBOG frontman appreciates our music and that’s why he wanted to invite us on tour.

You started a Crowdfunding project to collect money for this support tour. Luckily you have
reached the goal. What were your thoughts in this moment? But, what would have happened if you had not reached the goal?
Actually, we decided to launch this campaign without believe in it at all because we know that it’s difficult to convince people giving money to a small band that they maybe even don’t know but we’ve been very surprise to make it, we won’t never thank enough each person who’s supported and helped us to make the dream comes true because honestly, if we had not reached our goal, we would have make it however but with serious financial issues.
This tour will be great and we’ll give all that we can offer when we’ll be on stage.

So, thank you for the interview and we see us in July.


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