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Bidl MS Nordic Giants 5Nordic Giants aus England sind eine Instrumental-Post-Rock- Band oder anders gesagt, eine Claustrophobic Cinema Clatter Band, die beeindruckende filmische Aspekte in die Performances und Videos einfließen lassen. Die Band veröffentlichte fünf EPs, davon zwei auch unter ihrem eigenen Label. Im Jahr 2014 unterzeichneten die Briten bei dem Label Kscope und publizierten am 20.04.2015 ihr Debütalbum  A Seance of Dark Delusions mit einer Reihe von Gastsängern. Die Band tourte bereits international und sorgte mit ihrer aufregenden Live-Performance immer wieder für Aufsehen. Lasst euch am 12.03.2015 auf dem Melting Sounds Festival in Essen von einer atemberaubenden Show des Duos in ferne Welten begleiten.

Who is behind Nordic Giants?
Behind the masked aesthetics of Nordic Giants we are two individuals, Loki and Roka. We both play an array of different instruments on stage; Loki on keys, synth and trumpet and Roka on drums and bowed guitar. We both have very different musical backgrounds, influences and views – This is the underlying force that helps make Nordic Giants what it is.

How would you describe your music?
“Claustrophobic Cinema Clatter” is the official title we have adopted by our followers. This loosely describes what we do in some small way – but also leaves something for the imagination. If you really did want to be very boring you could easily label us in any genre’s from post-rock, prog-rock to orchestral-rock or ambient. We personally like to describe our music as dynamic and for those who do not know Nordic Giants it is manly instrumental but also with the elements of speech or guest vocalists.

What is special about the band?
We are described in many different ways, in many different countries by many different generations of people, that’s the beauty of this project. Witnessing a live performance might leave the audiences discussing things like “Experience” / “Powerful” or “Thought Provoking” and any of these are positives for us.
We aim to push the boundaries live performance and encourage audiences to absorb as much as possible. All of our songs are matched to a short film and so we speak to the audience through our music and also our own visual language. We use two different sized screens on stage to project these chosen films, and stage a powerful light show for even more dramatic affect, which hopefully helps you get lost even more in our world.

Bild MS Nordic Giants 2What would you like to achieve with your songs?
In all honesty, our intent is expressed less through our songs and more through our overall message. We aim to evoke a conscious awakening in our audience; offering them an aural and visual opportunity to really listen, watch and think about existence itself. Human emotion plays a big part in our music, and we try and translate that to our audience in an attempt to spark that initial awakening; that initial switch that makes us realise that we are all connected and leads us to think about ourselves, each other, the world and far, far beyond.
We address lots of different aspects through our stage performance, such as environmental and political problems to the evolution of the human species. All of our songs have an underlying message; that it is important to reflect on ourselves as individuals, reflect on how far we have come, or how far we haven’t.
Every person who steps into our audience is unique and we can only hope that our music touches their individual emotion, Hopefully they leave the performance liberated by their own thoughts and begin questioning ways in which we can continue to move forward as a species.

Why did you start making music?
Music is a very powerful vibration; it can tell a story or spread a message by simply washing over and passing through the listener. It’s different to reading a book or listening to someone talk, because that takes conscious effort; the receptor has to continuously be paying attention on a conscious level. The thing about our music is that the vibrations reach our audience on a subconscious level, and really allows them to lose all conscious effort but still be engulfed by our sounds. It really can speak to them on another level. Music has the ability to break down social barriers and language barriers and that’s what we aim to do with our music; connect people upon another frequency.

Which bands have had an effect on your creativity?
Our creativity comes from a wide pool of resources and, ironically, not from listening to just music. We draw great influences from anything invigorating and informative. This can range from art, language & sound design to progressive science and philosophical theory; talks, documentaries, nature, human emotion and everything in-between. Dr Steven Geer and Michael Tellinger are really worth a mention as well as documentaries like Collapse, Billions in Change and Sirius.
We have now reached an age of technology where groundbreaking discoveries are being made every day – Things such as free energy, which will completely change the way the world works. Please research these new discoverers for yourself, make up your own minds ….without the suggestive society we live in today, tapping on our shoulder.

Wishes for the future, what’s next?
Our European Tour starts on March 10th at De Gudde Wellen in Luxembourg. We will be playing an array of venues, such as Dynamo in Zurich, El Sol in Madrid, before finishing up in Nantes on the 19th. We are always more than excited to bring Nordic Giants to new audience’s all over the world, hopefully it will shock, hopefully it will be an experience, but most of all we hope it will awaken you. . . . .

Thank you for the little interview.

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