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schon_flyer-001Düsteren und schweren Cold-Wave bringt das Duo Schonwald aus Italien nach Essen zum Melting Sounds Festival. Dort werden wir auf jeden Fall auch ein paar neue Stücke der Band zu hören bekommen, denn im November letzten Jahres brachten sie ihr neues Album Between Parallel Lights heraus.

Who is behind Schonwald?
Luca : We started to play as Schonwald in 2008. We are a duo : Alessandra sings and plays bass guitar and keyboards. I play guitar, synth and programming drum machine.

How would you describe your music?
Alessandra : Hypnotic minimalistic mood and a noise inclination with synth melodies.

What´s the special of the Band?
Luca : we do not know.

What would you like to achieve with your songs?
Alessandra : In my opinion writing song lyrics means to communicate without too much schemes and to let freely flow our own sensations and the images that are more closer to my experience of life.

Why did you started with making music?
Alessandra : We met way back when Luca was still attending the school of Arts and I was already a musician I used to play in other band. We fell in love and then Luca started to play guitar after a while he joined me in my band. Later we decided to create the project Schonwald which is our main project now.

Which bands had an effect on your creativity?
Luca : Our music is inspired by 80’s sound.
We grew up listening to the New York NO WAVE scene and British post punk bands mainly.

What kind of music you listen to at home, on the road or by doing sports?
Luca : When we are at home we usually listening to Classical music, when we are on the road by car we travel a lot of km for gigs so it’s a good chance to listening to all new records that we bought and when we are doing sports we listening to Old School techno music.

Wishes for the future? Which goals you have? What´s the next? Tour? Studio? Something completly different?
Alessandra : We’ve just released out third album „Between Parallel Lights“ and finished the first half of European tour. At the moment we are having a break to arrange our wedding and then we’ll go ahead with the second half of the tour after the honeymoon of course.

schonwald.picA band has to pass many ups and downs. So what was the absolutly highlight in the past and what the bitter low-point?
Alessandra : Regarding our highlight and the bitter low-point I can tell you about our shows.
Relevant to the worst show I think was here in Italy just because of a soundman and not to mention the sound equipment at our disposal. He was completely in „another world“, he preferred eating, drinking and speaking to his „imaginary friend“ instead of to be helpful to the good realize of the gig. Quite a bit embarrassment…but a barrel of laughs !
Regarding our highlights is very hard to say which was the best show because it’s always great to be on stage, although we loved a lot our gig at the last Wave Gotik Treffen in Leipzig.

What´s the first thought by reading this words?
Music: Vibrations
Childhood: Chocolate
Blockade: Concrete
Gig: Travel
Home: Cat

Thank you for the little interview.

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