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CPV RossoUnser Fundstück der Woche Christine Plays Viola ist eine italienische Dark/New Wave Band, die im Jahre 2008 in Pratola Pelinga gegründet wurde. Im Jahr 2011 wurde ihr großer Traum wahr und die fünf Jungs unterschrieben bei dem deutschen Plattenlabel Afmusic. Daraufhin folgte ihr erstes CD Release mit Innocent Awareness am 10. Juni 2011. Seitdem schwimmen Christine Plays Viola auf einer Erfolgswelle und vier weitere Alben folgten. 2015 wurde ein weiterer Meilenstein in Ihrer Bandgeschichte mit dem Silberling  The Stars Can’t Fright gesetzt. Wir möchte euch diese fantastische Gothic-Rock Formation mit diesem Interview etwas näher bringen. Am 12.03.2016 habt ihr außerdem die Möglichkeit Christine Plays Viola Live auf dem wundervollen Melting Sounds Festival in Essen zu bewundern.

Who is behind Christine Plays Viola?
Fabrizio: guitars; Massimo: vocals; Daniele: drums & synth; Desio: bass guitar; Daniele: synth & programming. Five boys that share the same passion for music, lifestyle, dreams and hopes.

How would you describe your music?
Kaleidoscopic, marked by a hypnotic and dark mood but at the same time airy, danceable, direct.

What´s the special of the Band?
We think that the particularity of the band is that of being able to create a personal sound into which various elements apparently even distant: a bleak classically based darkwave, shows cues ambient, electronic and alienating vocal melodies not necessarily related to the stylistic features the dark altogether.

What would you like to achieve with your songs?
We try to touch the hearts of people sensitive, emotionally prepared to accept the different nuances that permeate our music. Our hope is that our songs will cheer the hearts of many people as possible.

Why did you started with making music?
We have started to play together as a band with the intention of expressing our emotions, exorcising our fears, exploring the darkness that prevails in human souls, the horrors, the territories that surround us and that pierce us.

Which bands had an effect on your creativity?
The musical influences of the band are mainly related to the scene wave / goth Anglo-Saxon, bands such as The Cure, Bauhaus, Killing joke, Virgin Prunes, Siouxsie and the Banshees, The Chameleons, Joy Division, The Sound, The Mission, The Sisters of Mercy, Fields Of The Nephilim .. are the foundation of our sound. Also the use of electronics reverberated with soundscapes style movie soundtracks is inspired by the use that makes Jimmy LaValle of The Album Leaf.

What kind of music you listen to at home, on the road or by doing sports?
We listen to many genres of music: we listen to darkwave/postpunk, metal, pop, rock, dreampop, electronic music and many many others.

ppp1aaaWishes for the future? Which goals you have? What´s the next? Tour? Studio? Something completly different?
We are composing the songs that will be part of our next album, the third full-length of our career. The objective is to obtain a product substantially different from the previous one: we are definitely proud of the album „Vacua“ which, however, has resulted in an effort compositional long and painful given to the nature of the concept to be developed. This time we would like to propose something more direct, incisive and very dark of course without distorting our classic sound; very important it is proving the contribution of the new member of the band, Daniele, who is handling the electronics parts and synth. Furthermore in the near future are planned other live dates among which the participation in a couple of prestigious festivals in Europe but currently we still can’t announce it.

A band has to pass many ups and downs. So what was the absolutly highlight in the past and what the bitter low-point?
Fortunately we haven’t had big dark moments in the past, but as each newcomer band, the start was pretty hard, the difficulty in finding our first gigs, looking money for buying new expensive equipments (smile).
It’s really hard to choose the best moment for the band in the past but we think this year was wonderful for us, we joined the Manic Depression’s family, we released our first Vinyl, published new videos and we’re playing around Europe from last summer, what can we ask for more?

What´s the first thought by reading this words?
Music: our reason for living, the muse, the mysterious enchantress
Childhood: the paradise where you can escape, the maternal embrace, innocence
Blockade: inadequacy, lack of communication
Gig: the heat of the public, the emotion of the performance, synergy
Home: the rest, the family,

Thank you for the little interview.

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