Fundstück der Woche: Euzen

Veröffentlicht: 11. Oktober 2015 von steffischaaf in Fundgrube, Interview
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Logo Black BG2006 gründete sich die Band Euzen, die mit progressiven, elektronischen Rock/Pop mit nordischen Einflüssen in den letzten Jahren immer mehr auf den Festival- und Konzertbühnen in Europa zu sehen sind. Mit ihren etwas anderen Klängen wollen sie auch das Publikum auf dem Autumn Moon Festival in Hameln verzaubern und wir  hatten Maria für euch im Interview:

Who is behind Euzen?
All that comes from Euzen is developed and composed in close collaboration between Maria Franz and Christopher Juul. All the final arrangements are done by the whole band. All albums and videos are produced by Christopher at Lava Studios in Copenhagen.

How would you describe your music?
It’s a Nordic blend of pop, rock, folk, electronic, classical and progressive music.

What´s the special of the Band?
We love contrasts and experimental beats, but we also love the melodic pop-frame, the result is pretty progressive and catchy. We ourselves always love to nerd elaborate rhythm structures so we thought others might as well, and we always clearly see people standing and counting and figuring out our structures during concerts, so mission complete.

What would you like to achieve with your songs?
To introduce people for music with many layers, to introduce the listeners of the joy of going exploring in every song, the more you listen, the more layers and sounds you will discover. It’s also educational in a way, because we introduce complex rhythms wrapped in a melodic structure.

Why did you started with making music?
Making music is not really a choice, if you have it in you, you cannot NOT do it, it will continue to come to you, in your sleep, in the elevator, in the car, it spins in your head and makes you sad if you don’t find a way to release it into the world.

Which bands had an effect on your creativity?
For my sake (Maria) I can mention Lamb, Tool, Hedningarna, Bel Canto and Björk, I also have a great love for folk music in general, its just something about the nerve that triggers me. Classical music is also a great source of inspiration.

What kind of music you listen to at home, on the road or by doing sports?
Right now for Maria, its Susanne Sundfør (NO), Perfect Circle and Euzen on the road (I don’t really listen to music at home, because we always make music when we are home, our 250 kvm.of studio and practise space is in the top floor of the building we live in) When I need to go fast on my bike, it can be Prodidgy, Ramstein, or Tool.

Euzen_PressPhoto1Wishes for the future? Which goals you have? What´s the next? Tour? Studio? Something completely different?
World domination! (Nah, Just kidding, or do I..?)
Of course we always aim to take Euzen even further, explore new territories and meet new listeners to be nerdy together with. Very soon we will post exciting news about touring in 2016.
We always make new music, when we began working on our third album “Metamorph” last year; we started out with 96 sketches so there are still a lot of favourites that needs to be looked after in the studio. We are right now in good progress of choosing the songs for a fourth album.

A band has to pass many ups and downs. So what was the absolutely highlight in the past and what the bitter low-point?
For me (Maria) a huge highlight was making the music video to Judged By, it was just a magical journey through three different countries, hanging out with the coolest people in the weirdest places, making art. It was a great adventure.
Bitter low point… Now we get personal, buy me a beer after a concert one day and I´ll tell you all about it!

What´s the first thought by reading this words?
Music: Euzen!
Childhood: Sea and forest
Blockade: Israel and Palestine
Gig: Stage
Home: Studio, cats and garden

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