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Aus gegebenen Anlass möchten wir euch gerne die  Formation Zeitgeist Zero aus England vorstellen. Die Band aus Leeds wird auf dem diesjährigen Owls’N’Bats Festival auf der Waldbühne zu Gast sein. Warum diese Band immer wieder Experimente mit verschiedenen Musikrichtungen wagt, könnt ihr hier erfahren.

Who is behind Zeitgeist Zero?
The band was formed in 2012 by myself (Corin Zero) and Teresa Dead. Since then we have changed line-up a few times but are now comprised of the following band members: Teresa Dead – Lead Vocals, Lyrics and Bubble Guns. Corin Zero – Guitars, Synths, Programming, Backing Vocals. Bex Noire – Bass and Backing Vocals, James Grave –Keys and Backing Vocals. Matt Macabre – Drums and Percussion.

How would you describe your music?
Alt-wave rock and eerie macabre pop, fusing sultry female vocals with dark, twisted electronics and a determined attitude. Electro-goth, fuzzed up psychobilly and dance driven classic rock ‘n roll bedded down with seedy art-house eroticism, jazz-era glamour and a knowing cheekiness.

What is special about the Band?
Zeitgeist Zero make very varied music. We’re happy to experiment with different genres and styles, a band never afraid to be different. We take the best of our influences to create new songs with a retro twist. We’re also an excellent live band combining guitars, drums and electonics. We put a lot of energy into our shows and really enjoy performing. This fun and enthusiasm comes across in our performance.

What would you like to achieve with your songs?
We’d like our songs to be heard by as many people as possible, to transcend genres, ages, countries. We’d like people to listen and fall in love with our songs the way we love them.

Why did you start making music?
We started the band over twelve years ago. The original concept was born out of a growing disallusionment with the new millenium and the general lack of originality and increasingly stale music around at the time. We really wanted to harness our interests in various styles of music and combine them to create somthing of our own: passionate and heavy, yet tuneful and emotional. It’s the first and only band we’ve all been in (besides the drummer). So the band is very special to us all, our first love.

Which bands had an effect on your creativity?
There are too many inflences to mention, from pop to punk, from jazz to classical music. Here are a few bands that we have some similarities with: Faith No More, Blondie, Garbage, Danzig, Tool, L7, Babes In Toyland, Die Antwoord, Massive Attack, Oomph!,

What kind of music you listen to at home, on the road or by doing sports?
It varies on a daily basis from 1920s jazz, classical, opera, to heavy metal, pop, goth, electro and anything else that takes our fancy.

_MG_0147BL_MWishes for the future? Which goals you have? What´s the next? Tour? Studio? Something completly different?
We have just released our third album, Ghosts of Victory. We toured Germany in May with The Cruxshadows and have been playing dates in the UK. So for the next twelve months we will be doing the same, touring and promoting. At some point in 2015 we will start work on our fourth album too.

A band has to pass many ups and downs. So what was the absolutly highlight in the past and what the bitter low-point?
A particular low point for me, was about 7 years ago, when we travelled for 7 hours to play a show in Brighton to 10 people. The show wasn’t promoted (there was one flyer… posted in the toilets) and afterwards we found out that we were sleeping in a squat with two australian backpackers (probably now missing persons), cow and sheep skulls on the walls, thousands of dead insects, assorted shop mannequin body parts and a shower that could electrocute you!
On a more serious note, during the course of the making of Ghosts of Victory, myself, Teresa and Bex all lost our fathers suddenly and unexpectedly. It was a very difficult time but the band is the one thing that kept us sane and together though a really dark time in our lives.
There have been so many high points over the last 12 years, but recent, high points include touring Germany with The Cruxshadows, playing at Bram Stokers International Film Festival and our recent album launch party in Leeds.

What´s the first thought by reading this words?

Music: Passion

Childhood: Difficult

Blockade: Life

Gig: Fun

Home: Sanctuary

Mehr über Zeitgeist Zero findet ihr hier!


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